code of conduct

Value-based code of conduct at the Dresden Philharmonie

In its work, the Dresden Philharmonic is committed to the value-based code of conduct of the Deutscher Bühnenverein (German Theater Association) to prevent discrimination, sexual assault and abuse of power and other things. You as our guest accept the rules of conduct below and undertake to comply with them. In doing so, you actively contribute to protect the employees, freelancers and working partners from all forms of discrimination, sexual assault, abuse of power, bullying and degrading behavior. Any discrimination on the grounds of national or ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, political conviction, disability, age, marital status, sexual identity, sexual orientation or social background won’t be tolerated. A breach of the rules of conduct can lead to an extraordinary termination of the contract and further to criminal prosecution.

To give effect to the aforementioned values in everyday life, you also commit to the following rules of conduct, the application of which is our responsibility, including among our employees:

  • I will conduct myself respectfully and appropriately towards others (in accordance with the law). This also applies for the artistic work process.
  • I will refrain from any form of physical, verbal or gestural aggression or discrimination.
  • I am aware that my conduct towards other people may have a different effect than intended. Because of this, I will endeavour to communicate clearly and unambiguously. I will be empathic, self-critical and willing to discuss matters.
  • I will use the responsibility entrusted to me conscientiously.
  • I will address conflicts openly and actively take steps to resolve them fairly.
  • I will intervene if I witness inappropriate behaviour of any kind and will address it directly.
  • When clarifying incidences of assault or discriminatory conduct, I will help to conduct a comprehensive and open-minded investigation and listen to all parties impartially.