The Young Classics

The Youth Club of the Dresden Philharmonic

You are under 27 years old and would like to go behind the scenes
of an orchestra, learn more about the processes of a concert
and exchange ideas with the conductor after the concert? Or simply want to attend concerts with people your own age? That's exactly possible with the Young Classics!

Before the concert, we talk about the programme, favourite parts, stage fright and anything else that is on your mind.

Then we listen to the concert together and talk about it afterwards - often also with the conductor or soloist!

Whether you're a musical ace or you've never been to a classical concert, we're an open and constantly changing group where everyone is welcome!

Just drop by spontaneously and buy your ticket on the spot (9 €) or let us take care of the whole thing and register here for the next date.

If you have any questions, please send us an email
( or simply call
(+49 351 4866-771).

We look forward to seeing you!


No events are planned at the moment.

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