About Life (Live Photo & Film Show)

Reinhold Messner


Tuesday | 11/07/2023
8:00 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
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About the Concert

What does home smell like? How much free space does a child need? How important for survival are fear, egoism and instinct? In his gripping multivision lecture, Reinhold Messner outlines the path from South Tyrolean mountain boy to the greatest adventurer of our time.

With his uncompromising ascents of the highest mountains in the world, he achieved what was considered unattainable at the time. He pushed the limits of what was possible and thus became the most famous alpinist of our time. In those expeditions, he experienced how survival works. As a border crosser and with this experience, he also walked the further milestones of his life. As a desert adventurer, politician, mountain farmer, filmmaker and best-selling author, but also as the founder of a unique museum landscape and as a family man and father of four.

With powerful words and images, he looks back on seven decades, which were marked early on by encounters with death and extreme experiences of nature. Unvarnished, Reinhold Messner, whose curiosity is unbroken, talks about the essences of his life and wrestles with concepts such as courage, passion and responsibility. He talks about ambition and shame, nightmares and the inevitable ageing, about new beginnings and the ability to let go in the end.

He says: "Whenever things got particularly difficult in my life, I went one step further than I would have done without resistance and problems."

Messner, who turns eighty in 2024, has a fascinating presence as he recounts spectacular, often perilous adventures on the highest mountains on earth.

Experience the man and border crosser Reinhold Messner up close at the Kulturpalast in Dresden!

Organiser: Krüger & Bemsel GbR


Reinhold Messner

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