Best of Classics: Dvořák 9

The famous "Symphony from the New World" 


Friday | 10/18/2024
7:30 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Schloßstr. 2, 01067 Dresden
Floor Plan
43 | 30 | 20 €
9 € for young people
10 € for Dresden-Pass
10 € for SB ab GdB80 (+ggf. Begleitung)

About the Concert

Tickets for this event will be available from 12.06.2024 from 10 am.

With our new "Best of Classical Music" concert format, you can immerse yourself in the most famous works of classical music. We begin with a presentation that briefly introduces the work and provides listening tips. Then you can enjoy the selected symphony in a short concert. Afterwards, you are invited to join us at the Kulturpalast bar. Here, host Malte Arkona will be in conversation with the conductor on a small stage in the room. There will be no musicology on the agenda - Malte would rather lead us into the personal world of our respective guests. 

About the concert:

It is curious that a Czech of all people should be the founder of American classical music. But that's how it was: Antonín Dvořák was already so famous in Europe that he was called to New York to write a great symphony there at the end of the 19th century. It was soon called "From the New World" because it musically connects both continents: The classical music of Europe and the music of the indigenous inhabitants and immigrants across the ocean. And so you think you can hear a little jazz and spirituals, as well as Bohemian dance music and classical string sounds. 


Antonín Dvořák
Symphony No. 9 in E minor "From the New World" 


Kahchun Wong
Malte Arkona
Dresdner Philharmonie


Kahchun Wong

First Guest Conductor

Since 2023/24, Kahchun Wong has been Chief Conductor of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra and Principal Guest Conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra; from 2024/25, he will also be Principal Conductor of the Hallé in Manchester. The Singapore-born conductor is celebrated internationally for his electrifying stage presence and his attentive examination of the artistic heritage of the East and the West. Winning the Mahler Competition in 2016 opened the doors to performances with top international orchestras.

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Dresdner Philharmonie

Top Class!

Top class!
That is the claim of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra stands for concerts at the highest artistic level, musical education for all ages and looking beyond the musical horizon. Guest performances on almost every continent and collaborations with guests from all over the world have established the reputation of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra in the international classical music world.  

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