Since 1994, the Förderverein Dresdner Philharmonie e.V. has been committed to anchoring the orchestra in city society, contributing to its visibility and realising special musical projects. On this page you will find all the information you need about our work, events and membership.

Every time you visit the concert hall of the Kulturpalast, your eyes fall on the Eule organ, which was inaugurated in 2017. The initiative to build it and the fundraising to finance it was the highlight of our 25 years of work so far. We have also acquired other valuable instruments, such as the violin by the Venetian violin maker Santo Serafin from 1725, which is played by the concertmaster of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Wolfgang Hentrich. But our members also make music themselves: The Fördervereinsorchester consists of dedicated members, rehearses regularly in the Kulturpalast and plays concerts in the concert hall or other venues. Visits to selected dress rehearsals, discussions with conductors and soloists, tour accompaniment and other events are open to our members.

Organ in the Kulturpalast ©Markenfotografie

  • project nicodé

    Jean Louis Nicodé's "Gloria!" Symphony exists only as a score. The sponsoring association finances the production of the performance material.

  • Making music together

    Our Sponsoring Association maintains its own orchestra, in which our association members play under the direction of concertmaster Wolfgang Hentrich.

  • Puffholdt project

    Moritz Erdmann Puffholdt was the first conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. His grave in Dresden's Trinitatis Cemetery was restored by the Friends.

  • Curious?

    Here you will find more information about membership and documents to download.

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Lunau

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