Voluntary Social Year

An Voluntary Social Year at the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra is possible in four areas. Here, the individual areas introduce themselves and report on their work at the Philharmonie

Dramaturgy and Music Library

Library? We know! So you can roughly imagine what a music library is. But what does an FSJ in the music library mean?

The music library, often referred to internally as the music library, is THE place to go for our orchestra when it comes to... Well? Sheet music! "Hello, I need the sheet music for Dvorak next week"...

An important part of the FSJ is the contact to the musicians, but also to the conductors and soloists. Sheet music has to be issued, ordered from publishers, adapted, archived and organised. Of the four FSJ positions at the Dresden Philharmonic, this one requires the most musical knowledge. In addition to the contact with the artists and the everyday tasks, you occasionally work with the other FSJs on joint projects.

Friedemann Kleinert | FSJ Saison 2022/23

Music Education and Choirs

Lukas Neubert | FSJ Saison 2022/23

Communicating music.

Why is classical music so much more than Mozart? Does music from back then still have value today? We say: YES! That's why the Philharmonie offers school and family concerts, rehearsal visits and many other ways of experiencing music. The FSJ position in music education supports this. Preparing concerts, supporting choirs at events etc. Since the office is right next to the communications department, they also help out there. For example, contact with agencies to obtain biographies and images, or website maintenance.

Communication and Marketing

Insights into the world of marketing for a large orchestra:

How do you promote a concert, how do you create publications, how do you maintain websites and your online presence? And what does CLP actually mean? In the Fsj Communication and Marketing you are right in the middle of the action. The relaunch of a new website, social media planning, design processes for new print products. You get to see all that and work on it. The options are very complex. This also means that there is always a lot going on and the day always has surprises in store.

Ulrike Kirsten | FSJ Saison 2022/23


Manuel Becker | FSJ Saison 2022/23

That's what happens behind the scenes:

To bring a concert to the stage, not only our marketing and music education department, the dramaturgy and music library, as well as the musicians and conductors have to work hard, but also the technicians. Otherwise, impressive music would be heard and the concert hall would be fully booked, but the stage would be in darkness. And that would not be good!

As an FSJ you are right in the middle of the action in the technical department. Whether it's the actual stage set-up, setting up the right lighting or the movements behind the scenes: you always have something to do and you never get bored.