Orchestra Concert

Mahler 1

Gustav Mahler's first work and a favorite of Principal Guest Conductor Kahchun Wong.


Sunday | 2/18/2024
11:00 am Start of Concert

The concert introduction in the event hall of the Central Library (1st floor) begins one hour before the concert.
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Floor Plan
59 | 49 | 42 | 36 | 27 | 20 €
9 € for young people
29 € for Dresden-Pass

About the Concert

Mahler writes his first symphony in just six weeks in 1888, yet he is still a blank slate as a composer. But he is freshly in love and, as if in a frenzy, composes a monumental work that already exhibits all his typical stylistic features: the abrupt changes of mood, the allusions to other composers and styles, and the elegiac keynote.
"Tapkaara" means "to dance standing up" and is used by a certain ethnic group in Japan to refer to a ritual: When they are feeling particularly well or poorly, they come together, sing improvised songs, and dance while doing so. Akira Ifukube often witnessed this and made it the occasion for his Sinfonia of the same name. For our Focus Artist Kahchun Wong, it is one of the most important recent works by Japanese composers and is particularly close to his heart.


Akira Ifukube
Sinfonia Tapkaara

Gustav Mahler
Symphony No.1 in D major ("The Titan")


Kahchun Wong
Dresdner Philharmonie


Kahchun Wong


Praised by Musical America for the “depth and sincerity of his musicality", Kahchun Wong will begin his tenure as Chief Conductor of the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra from 2023/24, building upon the deep musical bond forged with players during his time as Principal Guest Conductor of the orchestra. In the same season, he will also assume the role of Principal Guest Conductor at Dresdner Philharmonie, beginning with a concert of Strauss, Elgar and a newly commissioned work by Narong Prangcharoen.

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