Beethoven and Bruckner

Marek Janowski conducts Beethoven's first work and Bruckner's symphony with the curious cymbal crash


Friday | 9/06/2024
7:30 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Schloßstr. 2, 01067 Dresden
Floor Plan
59 | 49 | 42 | 36 | 27 | 20 €
29 € for young people
29 € for Dresden-Pass
29 € for SB ab GdB80 (+ggf. Begleitung)

About the Concert

You have to dare to start like that! Ludwig van Beethoven begins his first symphony with a dissonant chord. Rarely has a new chapter in music history been opened so unmistakably
It is also impossible to overhear how important Richard Wagner's music was for Bruckner. Bruckner had just finished composing the second movement of his Seventh when Wagner died. The Adagio with its Wagner tubas (a kind of horns) also shows how much this affected him. And this symphony has another special feature: the cymbal only makes a single stroke! But it is so impressive that it is worth letting the cymbal player "sit out" the entire symphony for it.


Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 1 in C major

Anton Bruckner
Symphony No. 7 in E major


Marek Janowski
Dresdner Philharmonie


Marek Janowski

As former Chief Conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Marek Janowski is happy to return to the orchestra as a guest for joint projects even after his term of office ends in summer 2023. Since the 1970s, his international career as an opera and concert conductor has taken him all over the world. In recent decades, he has concentrated primarily on the symphonic repertoire, but has also set new standards for the concert performance of operas.

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Top class!
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