READING LITERATURE with Anna Loos and Jan Josef Liefers

Nick Hornby: „Keiner hat gesagt, dass du ausziehen sollst“ - Eine Ehekrise in zehn Sitzungen.


Friday | 2/23/2024
8:00 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
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About the Concert

Tom and Louise are undergoing couples therapy because after many years of marriage their relationship has more or less reached an impasse. They tell each other, and thus us, directly what is bothering them and where the trouble lies - while waiting for the next therapy session in the pub across the street. They talk about everything that has been swept under the carpet and is brought out by the therapy. And these are things that most couples know in one way or another, but have certainly never been presented in such a funny way. With his incomparable humour and eye for sympathetic antiheroes, Nick Hornby shows us a completely normal married couple and the funny sides of a marital crisis.
Jan Josef Liefers and Anna Loos, an artist couple who will read together on stage for the first time. Both eminently known as actors in "Tatort", "Helen Dorn" or countless films in cinema and TV as well as singers in their own bands. Exceptionally successful in all these creative fields, the audience can now also see for themselves at the reading from Nick Hornby's novel "Keiner hat gesagt, dass du ausziehen sollst" (No one said you should move out) that both of them are embarking on a new, joint project with great joy and pure enthusiasm... they read and entertain in part scenically interpreted a married couple Mitten im Leben.

Organiser: Concertbüro Zahlmann

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