Holst: The planets

Concert of the Saxony State Youth Orchestra

About the Concert

The planets by Gustav Holst describe the different forces and mystical meanings of our celestial neighbours with large-scale orchestral musical language. The beauty and power emanating from the music makes us aware that we are part of a great and whole whose vastness we can never grasp. The opening piece "Lontano" by György Ligeti fits this. Here he does without what seems to be essential in music: namely melody, harmony and rhythm. A new world of sound emerges; the music behind the music, so to speak. Is this how the universe sounds? Or is this how it sounds inside us?
Embedded between these monumental works, we discover another world: 2023 is the year of the mandolin. Its sound is rarely heard on the classical concert platform. With the premiere of a mandolin concerto by Agnes Ponizil, we hear, among other things, the highly individual sound of each. For some passages in the work call for an improvising orchestra. Here we take a look, so to speak, at the world within us - at the microcosm.
In the Saxony State Youth Orchestra, the talented young musicians of the classical music landscape of the Free State meet and prepare an exciting programme twice a year under the overall artistic direction of Tobias Engeli.


György Ligeti
Lontano (1976)

Agnes Ponizil
cosmic sound fields for mandolin & orchestra
World premiere

Gustav Holst
The planets op.32


Tobias Engeli
Maja Schütze
Landesjugendorchester Sachsen


Tobias Engeli

Tobias Engeli stood at the podium for the first time at the age of 15 and has loved conducting ever since. Today he is Kapellmeister at the Leipzig Musical Comedy and Opera. His versatility and openness lead him not only to the usual opera repertoire but also to world premieres, e.g. at the Munich Biennale 2008, to modern pop musicals or to a DVD production with the successful Leipzig band "Die Prinzen".

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Maja Schütze

She was born in Dresden in 2002 and received her first mandolin lessons at the age of five. Maja is now studying for a Bachelor of Music, majoring in mandolin, at the HfM Saar with Juan Carlos Muñoz.

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Landesjugendorchester Sachsen

Since 1992, the Saxony State Youth Orchestra has been the place to go for ambitious young musicians from Saxony, many of whom are at the beginning of a professional musical career. The 14- to 26-year-olds are the talented new generation of the classical music landscape of the Free State and many of them "Jugend musiziert" prize winners, who learn in rehearsals what it means to be able to rely on others, to listen, to react to each other and to be inspired.

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