Konstantin Wecker - Utopia 2.0

We will keep dreaming.


Monday | 10/16/2023
8:00 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
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About the Concert

Dream without end

With "Utopia 2.0 - Wir werden weiter träumen" (Utopia 2.0 - We will keep on dreaming), singer-songwriter Konstantin Wecker picks up where his acclaimed programme Utopia left off in 2023.
Munich. His dream of a life free of domination has not yet come to an end. Why should it? For Konstantin Wecker it is reality. For this reason, the singer and composer will revive his programme Utopia in version 2.0 on a tour in autumn 2023.
As the title suggests, this is by no means a mere continuation, but a consistent further development of the programme from 2021 - with never-before-heard arrangements and current poems and thoughts.
What has remained is the longing of the poetic dreamer and political fantasist for boundless peace and freedom. Also unbroken are his irrepressible desire and power to encourage people to trump their powerlessness.
For this reason alone, Utopia 2.0 is pure Konstantin Wecker and an absolute must for all those who were unable to see the previous programme due to corona, as well as for all those who were inspired by Utopia to experience this dream all over again. Together with Konstantin Wecker. And in reality.

Organiser: MSK Events GmbH

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