30 years anniversary tour


Monday | 9/04/2023
8:00 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Floor Plan

About the Concert

With their 30 Years Anniversary Tour 2023, the Mandoki Soulmates return to the stages in Germany in September. Leslie Mandoki and his band of progressive and jazz rock bandleaders are looking forward to reuniting with all the music lovers.

In the 30th year since their formation by Leslie Mandoki, Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Jack Bruce (Cream) Al Di Meola, the Soulmates will be playing live the best of their 12 cult albums together so far with a large contingent of legendary world-class rock and jazz greats.

"Our anticipation is huge. We can't wait to finally be on stage together again," beams producer, drummer and singer Leslie Mandoki, especially after the difficult, compulsorily gig-free years of the pandemic. "This melancholy period wreaked havoc on our musical calendars and planning schedules far more than anyone could have imagined. The Mandoki Soulmates are a band of bandleaders. Many of our members have to plan long term and the complexity of our logistics, with individual Soulmates travelling from all parts of the world from their own tours, does not allow us to work to the "one step foward - two steps back" formula.
We also had to learn that a lot of things didn't work anymore also because of "The Big Quit". This hit the tax-paying musician and sound technician community the hardest, and many important performers were forced to change professions, at least temporarily, and "migrate" to other industries. We also experienced similar problems in the area of procurement of technology, equipment and logistics.
After we had to postpone our long-awaited tour last year with a heavy heart to a time in September 2023 that was easier to plan and hopefully safer for all of us, we are now even more excited. However, of course we did not yet think that this horrible war of aggression against international law would also turn what we actually believed to be a "safer" time into a melancholy time. We want to play these concerts for our audience with a great lineup, without compromise, and thus bring the anniversary year of 30 years of Soulmates to a fitting end. For us Soulmates, it is also the start of a new exciting decade together. We'll be spending a lot of time together in the studio between now and the concerts, working on our new album, which will be released worldwide on 24 January 2024."

In preparation for the German tour in early September, the Soulmates plan to "warm up" at an open air concert in Mandoki's native Budapest on 18 August. "There, where everything also started and where the vision of a band like this, which unites ProgRock and JazzRock, was born in the first place. Back then in the Budapest "underground" during the communist dictatorship at the beginning of the seventies in dark rehearsal rooms with uncensored texts was the birthplace of this concept. So, in a way, the Soulmates have also come full circle on our 30 Years Anniversary Tour in Budapest."

Organiser: Concertbüro Zahlmann GmbH

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