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Fritz Lang's futuristic masterpiece in the concert hall.


Saturday | 3/16/2024
7:30 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
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9 € for young people
29 € for Dresden-Pass

About the Concert

"Metropolis" is the most famous German silent film. The masterful cinematic realization of a future image of the modern city is just as fascinating today as it was when it was made 100 years ago. The film is set in the architecture of the high-tech city of Metropolis. The working class and the ruling class live strictly separate lives here. When the son of the city president comes into contact with the lower class for the first time, he decides to change the circumstances. He starts a revolt. The monumental work was shot in 1925/26 by Fritz Lang in the Babelsberg film studios. It had its premiere in 1927. Shortly after the premiere, a version was cut that was shortened by 1,000 film meters and distorted in content. The original was lost. After years of painstaking work, it was possible to reconstruct the work without any gaps.
In our concert hall, this reconstructed version runs with the original music by Hupperts. Similar to Richard Wagner's operas, numerous leitmotifs guide the viewer through the film. And he also revives the musical late romanticism in his choice of sound language - but not exclusively: Huppertz likewise integrates jazz and machine music into his score, opening it up to the sound language of the twentieth century.

In collaboration with the European Film Philharmonic.


Fritz Lang
"Metropolis", Stummfilm, Deutschland 1927, Musik: Gottfried Huppertz/Frank Strobel/Marco Jovic


Titus Engel
Dresdner Philharmonie


Titus Engel

Titus Engel was named conductor of the year in 2020 by Opernwelt magazine. Through his comprehensive view of repertoire from a wide variety of epochs, he always understands works in their multifaceted relationality. Respected for his expertise in the field of historical performance practice as well as for his precise conducting of complex contemporary projects, the Berlin-born Zurich native can also be seen regularly performing central works of opera literature - for example, he thrilled audiences with Lohengrin at the Tiroler Festspiele Erl in 2021. Always ready to break new ground in his exploration of scenic concepts on the podium, he sees music theater as an experimental field in which social utopias can flourish.

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Top class!
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