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There's a lot of space on stage today. All the strings are free, so we can finally bring the wind instruments right to the front. And what could be better than to hear one of the most magnificent compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, created especially for the wind instruments? His "Gran Partita" with its seven movements is really big, grand and above all colourful. But how do you actually get a sound out of the oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon? Phili, the cheeky little earth girl, wants to know exactly - and invites young and old to come and try it out. With Malte at his side, it's child's play!


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
"Gran Partita" Serenade in B flat major for twelve wind instruments and double bass


Bruno Borralhinho
Malte Arkona
Victoria Esper
Michael Kube
Mitglieder der Dresdner Philharmonie
Dresdner Philharmonie


Victoria Esper

Voice Phili

Victoria Esper brings the meerkat Phili to life with her voice at our family concerts. She enjoys stimulating the children's imagination and, together with Malte Arkona and the Dresden Philharmonic, contributing to a lively music education.

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Michael Kube


Michael Kube is a passionate music educator. Since the 2015/16 season, he has been organizing school concerts and family concerts in the Dresden Philharmonic's "phil zu entdecken" series.

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Dresdner Philharmonie

Top Class!

Top class!
That is the claim of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra stands for concerts at the highest artistic level, musical education for all ages and looking beyond the musical horizon. Guest performances on almost every continent and collaborations with guests from all over the world have established the reputation of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra in the international classical music world.  

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