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phil zu entdecken - in Beethoven's 5th Symphony

Beethoven's famous Fifth Symphony in the concert hall


Sunday | 3/30/2025
11:00 am Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Schloßstr. 2, 01067 Dresden
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About the Concert

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Even a single note makes a lot of music. But can you create an entire symphony from just two notes? And if so, how do you do it? Beethoven did it in a fascinating way in his "Fifth", as if you were building a whole house out of just two Lego bricks. Together with the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, Malte will reveal a few secrets about the music: Is it really a "Symphony of Destiny"? Who keeps knocking on the door? Why are some of the musicians arriving so late? And where is Phili anyway? Many questions that urgently need to be answered this morning.


Ludwig van Beethoven
Symphony No. 5 in C minor


Giuseppe Mengoli
Malte Arkona
Michael Kube
Victoria Esper
Voice of Phili
Dresdner Philharmonie


Giuseppe Mengoli

In the 23/24 season Giuseppe will conduct the Bamberg Symphony in two sets of family concerts and a recording for the Bayerische Rundfunk.

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Michael Kube


Michael Kube is a passionate music educator. Since the 2015/16 season, he has been organizing school concerts and family concerts in the Dresden Philharmonic's "phil zu entdecken" series.

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Victoria Esper

Voice Phili

Victoria Esper brings the meerkat Phili to life with her voice at our family concerts. She enjoys stimulating the children's imagination and, together with Malte Arkona and the Dresden Philharmonic, contributing to a lively music education.

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Dresdner Philharmonie

Top Class!

Top class!
That is the claim of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra stands for concerts at the highest artistic level, musical education for all ages and looking beyond the musical horizon. Guest performances on almost every continent and collaborations with guests from all over the world have established the reputation of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra in the international classical music world.  

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