Rachmaninoff and Strauss

Don Juan and Till Eulenspiegel in a musical portrait.

About the Concert

With his highly virtuosic caprices, the "devil's violinist" Paganini inspired other composers time and again, including Rachmaninoff, who used the theme as the starting point for his own variations. Originally intended for violin and orchestra, Cameron Carpenter plays it for us on the concert hall organ, adding a number of musical colours to the solo part. Strauss' tone poems are also musically colourful. Don Juan is the epitome of the macho: testosterone-driven, egotistical and unscrupulous, and inspired Strauss to write a powerful symphonic poem. Till Eulenspiegel, on the other hand, roamed the countryside as a wise fool and held a mirror up to the rulers. The humorous music that Strauss composed along the lines of Till's owl-mirrors is still loved by the music world today. Even if the story does not have a happy ending.


Erich Korngold
"The Adventures of Robin Hood" Sinfonische Suite

Sergei Rachmaninow
Rhapsodie über ein Thema von Paganini (Arr. für Orgel und Orchester)

Richard Strauss
"Don Juan" Tondichtung für großes Orchester nach Nikolaus Lenau
"Till Eulenspiegels lustige Streiche" Tondichtung für großes Orchester


Dominik Beykirch
Cameron Carpenter
Dresdner Philharmonie


Dominik Beykirch

The 31-year-old conductor Dominik Beykirch has been shaping the artistic profile of the Deutsches Nationaltheater (DNT) and the Staatskapelle Weimar as Chief Conductor Music Theatre since the 2020/2021 season.

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Cameron Carpenter


With his extraordinary musicality and endless technical ability, the American organist Cameron Carpenter is one of the exceptional talents in the international musical landscape.

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Dresdner Philharmonie

Top Class!

Top class!
That is the claim of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra. The orchestra stands for concerts at the highest artistic level, musical education for all ages and looking beyond the musical horizon. Guest performances on almost every continent and collaborations with guests from all over the world have established the reputation of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra in the international classical music world.  

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