Till Reiners

my Italy


Thursday | 11/23/2023
8:00 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
Floor Plan

About the Concert

Hello, my name is Till Reiners and the chances that you know me are not so small anymore. So I'm now playing my stand-up show in your city. I actually think this info should be enough for a medium purchase impulse of tickets. But for those who love programme announcements, here you go:

"My Italy" is the best programme I've ever had. I claim that about every programme, but so far it's always been true.

This comedy show is just as it sounds - relaxing, tasty, a little smug, always with a little wink, sometimes deep but never heavy - like a very large travel backpack filled with candyfloss.

The "my Italy" feeling: when you've had two Aperol Spritz on a late afternoon in Rome, squint into the rays of light that surround the Colosseum and then realise:

"Shit, someone stole my wallet." You curse the day, the city, life, ask yourself "why me?", get invited by complete strangers for a red wine, get drunk, wake up the next day and realise: the wallet was in the suitcase the whole time. The feeling you get then is exactly the same feeling you will get when you come out of Till Reiners' show.


Organiser: scheune e.V.

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