Ute Freudenberg - Stark wie nie

50 years live - The farewell tour


Thursday | 11/16/2023
7:30 pm Start of Concert
Konzertsaal im Kulturpalast, Dresden
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About the Concert

The charismatic artist celebrates 50 years on stage in 2023 with a big tour as well as a new album.

Both the CD and the tour will be her last. Few artists celebrate 50 years on stage; the entertainment industry is too fast-moving to look back on a successful career spanning five decades. But Ute Freudenberg knew from the very beginning that the word "entertainment" also contains the word attitude. Ute Freudenberg was and is never just the singer of a few catchy pop melodies. She does not interpret her songs, she lives them. Many of her songs have become the soundtrack to the lives of several generations.

The fact that Ute Freudenberg can now actually celebrate a 50-year career as an artist is astonishing, because she has always retained the energy and curiosity of a newcomer. She has never grown tired, weary or arbitrary - no matter which artistic facets she has tried out, passion, authenticity and the will to keep pushing herself to a higher level of quality are the hallmarks of her career.It would have been all too understandable if she had bundled her numerous hits into a best of and perhaps done one or two birthday galas, but that wouldn't have been Ute Freudenberg. So she will release a new album with at least ten new songs in 2023. It will also be her last. It will be called "Stark wie nie" ("Strong as Never"), and the title track has already become a veritable radio number and enjoys great popularity with her fans.

And in the coming year she will be found where she has been at home for 50 years: on the big stages of this country.
The beginnings go back to the early seventies. At the Feuerkuppe vacation park in Thuringia, which was already a vacation camp at the time, the Weimar-born singer was discovered at the age of 15.
year old. A short time later, Ute Freudenberg appeared on television for the first time, and shortly thereafter began studying at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in her hometown. While still a student, she became a member of the group "Elefant". "Drei Mädchen und eine Band" (Three girls and a band) was the name of an early song, which was released as a single in the founding year. But it soon became clear that one of the three singers in particular had a very unusual timbre. In 1980, Ute Freudenberg [&] Elefant released their debut album with the classics "Wie weit ist es bis ans Ende dieser Welt" and "Jugendliebe".

Many years later, the latter was voted the greatest eastern hit of all time by the readers of SuperIllu. Now 50 years of Ute Freudenberg stand for fantastic albums - solo, with her former band Elefant and with Christian Lais; countless tours with excursions into chanson and acoustics - alone with her pianist, with her band and the Babelsberg film orchestra, from the title song of a TV Tatort to "Singer of the Year," countless TV engagements from Silbereisen to Nebel, awards such as the "Golden Henne," the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon or a gold record - even a "Jugendliebe" rose exists and a newly orchid was named after her. Giovanni Zarrella, Peter Kraus, the Puhdys and Stereoact have covered her songs. And for the sake of completeness: the albums of the last ten years also reached the Top50 of the official album charts. All reasons to celebrate the big anniversary with an extensive tour and the new album "Stark wie nie". What's the catch? The big stage birthday is also Ute Freudenberg's farewell to her touring life. As is well known, one should stop when it's at its best.

Organizer: MB Concerts

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