Peter Ufer

Peter Ufer was born in 1964 in Dresden, where he annoyed neighbors, adventured through the Elbe meadows, tried his hand at diving, read poetry in math class, wrote his first novel in biology, played theater in his spare time and earned some change for life's big ideas as an extra at the Schauspielhaus.

Along the way, he completed his Abitur at the Bertolt-Brecht-Gymnasium, which was still called Erweiterte Oberschule (EOS) at the time, then learned to be a typesetter and later studied media science and history in Leipzig. After graduating, he founded his own newspaper during the reunification period, which still exists today, then went to the Sächsische Zeitung.

Today he works as a freelance author and journalist and founded his own theater at Markt 3 in Pirna together with actor Tom Pauls.