Sponsoring association orchestra

With music for music - the Sponsoring association orchestra of the Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra

The Dresden Philharmonic Sponsoring association orchestra was founded in 2002 on the initiative of concertmaster Wolfgang Hentrich. The orchestra, which consists of members of the Friends, represents a particularly intensive connection between supporters and members of the Dresden Philharmonic and is probably unique in its kind in the German orchestral landscape. The musical direction is in the hands of the First Concertmaster of the Dresden Philharmonic, Prof. Wolfgang Hentrich.

The orchestra usually meets once a month for rehearsals, which culminate in a public concert towards the end of the year.

The composition of this ambitious amateur orchestra reflects the professional diversity of its members. It currently has 40 members (strings and winds) and is open to practiced amateur musicians who would like to join the orchestra and the Förderverein.

The close connection between the Sponsoring association and the Dresden Philharmonic is particularly visible in the occasional reinforcement of the orchestra by Philharmonic musicians or in joint performances as part of the "Musical Picnic".

Sponsoring association orchestra ©Kai Burges