FAQ Gift box

You can find everything you need to know about our gift boxes here:

The gift box contains at least one ticket for the booked concert (you can book as many tickets as you wish) and one voucher per ticket for the additional event (coffee & cake or 1 glass of sparkling wine or 1x guided tour or 1 cocktail). Please note: The vouchers are printed on the small tear-off on the concert tickets and are not deposited separately. The box also contains a Christmas greetings card.  The box itself is made of metal with an embossed Dresden Philharmonic logo and is wrapped in a blue ribbon. The abFRACKt box is provided with an abFRACKt sticker and does not have a bow.

Depending on the box, you can choose between the following vouchers:

  • 1 cup of coffee + 1 piece of cake according to the daily offer at Café Tutti (during the interval) on 10.03.24 (Dvorak 6)
  • 1 glass of sparkling wine in Café Tutti (during the interval) on 03.02.24 (Bruckner 1) and 23.03.24 (Julia Fischer plays Elgar)
  • 1 backstage tour (26.01.24 DRACULA) // 1 guided tour of the Kulturpalast (24.02.24 The Great Chinese New Year Concert) - in each case before the concert
  • 1 abFRACKt cocktail at Café Tutti (after the concert) on 08.03.24 abFRACKt
The additional offers are linked to the respective concerts and cannot be exchanged.

The gift boxes are fixed offers whose contents cannot be exchanged with each other or with other added values or concerts. A choice is only possible for the boxes marked accordingly and only between the concerts specified in each case.

There are no discounts: The prices of the gift boxes are based exclusively on the respective normal price of the selected seat category and the additional €5 per ticket. Please first select your desired seats in the respective concert date in the online purchase and add them to the shopping cart. A window with the sales type will then open. Select "Concert + surprise" there. You can then choose whether you want to have the box sent to you (there is a shipping fee of €2.50) or collect it from our ticket service on site (free of charge) within the next 14 days. ATTENTION: The box is not displayed in the purchase process. It is automatically booked when you select "Concert + surprise". It is not possible to send the tickets as a Ticketdirect/wallet by e-mail.

It is necessary to provide your contact details so that we can inform you of any changes (which may also reach us from the service providers). We absolutely need a current telephone number and/or e-mail address for this.

You can, of course, give the gift boxes freely - just like a gift. On the day of the event, the ticket and the respective voucher will count as proof of admission on site.

An exchange is only possible for all boxes until 12.01.2024 within the opening hours on presentation of the concert tickets from the respective box. Only the value of the concert tickets + €5 each for the additional event can be exchanged. All fees incurred at the time of purchase, such as shipping costs, cannot be refunded or exchanged. A cash refund is not possible, we can only issue a voucher for the value to be refunded (valid for 3 years). An exchange for another gift box is only possible if there is sufficient stock and on prior request. There is no entitlement to the booked seats, and any difference to the booked ticket can only be paid out against a voucher.

Due to the cooperation with our external service providers, it is generally not possible to return tickets. You can only exchange your tickets until 12.01.2024. However, as it is not tied to one person, tickets can be passed on at any time.

One hour before the start of each concert on 03.02.24 (Bruckner 1) and 23.03.24 (Julia Fischer plays Elgar) there will be a concert introduction in the concert hall. You are of course welcome to attend these, which is why we have placed your additional offer during the interval.

You will find the additional surprises for your concert on the small outline on the respective concert ticket. To redeem the vouchers for sparkling wine, coffee & cake and the cocktail, you can go to the separate area in the foyer on the 1st floor. Please also pay attention to the signs on the day of the event. Our service staff will receive the ticket stub at the entrance to the area. The following also applies: coffee & cake and sparkling wine & snacks can only be redeemed during the respective concert interval, while the abFRACKt cocktail can only be redeemed after the concert. If you have any questions, please ask our staff at the ticket counter.

The guided tours start in the entrance area of the foyer on the first floor and are also signposted on the day of the event. You will find the starting time on the tear-off on your ticket. Please be at the meeting point on time, a late start or "late arrival" is not possible. If you have any questions, please contact our service staff at the ticket counter.

The food and drinks included in the vouchers are served in accordance with the restaurateur's specifications.

You will find the Tutti in the foyer on the 1st floor of the Kulturpalast.