The Dresden Philharmonic is on to something new

"Classical concerts last too long for me, I don't know when I'm allowed to clap, and I probably don't understand the music at all." Did you recognize yourself?

Then you might be interested in our new concert series: abFRACKt - doesn't sound much like classical music? But it has a lot to do with it! We invite you to short concerts, which are not like our normal symphony concerts. They only last about an hour and the program includes a work that simply draws the listener in, regardless of whether or not you've heard classical music before. And as the name already says - the musicians on stage are in casual look, not in tails.

If you want to know more about what you're hearing, you can get live information, so to speak. The "Wolfgang App" makes it possible. Simply download it to your smartphone and you'll receive information about the music currently playing on the concert stage.

After the concert, our in-house bar will still be open for you, so that you can end the evening in a relaxed atmosphere, talk to friends or maybe even check out when we'll be the next time abFRACKt.

© Dresdner Philharmonie // Simon Porath

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